Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. We worked a normal day, and picked up a few take out things. Our dinner: beef burgundy (not as good as the homemade stuff we made when we had an oven!), bami, chicken with peanut sauce, noodle salad with bacon and mushroom, meatballs, tiramisu, chocolate pie.

Thanksgiving dinner

Family photo-Thanksgiving

And one new picture of me as a blonde. It's a few weeks old... I went to Paris about a month ago to get my hair done. For whatever reason, French women insist that I should be a blonde. I'm not sure I wholeheartedly agree, but they feel more strongly about the subject than I do, so I let them win.

Me as a blonde

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Whew, finally caught up with pictures from the last couple of months! And now for a bit about our normal life. When Nick works late in the distribution center, I often head over to Aachen, Germany (10 min away from work) to visit the nearest Starbucks for a taste of Americana. I'm slowly learning important German words: eingang, ausfahrt, magermilch. Entrance, exit, skim milk. I order my Starbucks drink in English, and usually, I'm kindly accommodated. But since I know certain words like "skim" are a little tricky for non-native speakers, I usually accompany my request for skim milk with some hand gestures, and say I want "magermilch." Today worked up the courage to confirm that I was pronouncing "magermilch" correctly. I was informed that "yes, but nobody uses those words. We just say low fat (fettarm) or no fat (magermilch.)" I've learned about 3 German words, and I managed to pick one that nobody uses! We just got back from the Christmas market which opened there. I will remember my camera next time, there were a lot of fun things. Mulled wine, and reibekuchen, and brats, and cotton candy, and apple licorice ropes. Reibekuchen- huge vat of grease, add mashed up potato mix, deep fry, flip over, add bacon. Then it gets unhealthy- the guy takes a freaking ladle, and pours more grease on top of the greasy bacon potato stuff.


I just needed an excuse to post this picture, it cracks me up. Sleeping puppy.



Better late than never, part 2. Nick and I drove to Munich for Oktoberfest the first weekend in October. It was the final weekend of the festival, since it actually begins in September. I will not go into the explanation of why it's not called Septemberfest since wikipedia has already done a fine job. Munich is about a 6 hour drive, and I am a little disappointed we went the fast route instead of traveling along the "romantic road" which is apparently a famous route. We concluded that a 6 hour drive for an overpriced beer was about all we could handle. We arrived on Saturday evening and went walking about the Theresienweise.

subway oktfest



Since it was just the two of us, we couldn't get a reservation, and there was no room for us. No beer. Can you believe it's possible to go beerless?! I nibbled on a pretzel while we unsuccessfully waited in line for a tent. (We did end up with a beer after wandering away from the fest to a local restaurant.)


We walked around a bit and saw some photoworthy things: Tmobile's German branding, Oktoberfest costumes on sale, and a musical performance for a baby.




We headed over to the BMW museum, which was supposed to be open late. No museum. Can you believe our guidebook lied to us?! The next morning, which happened to be the last day, we struck gold in the Hippodrome tent. I was also stoked to ride the swings above the fest.




We were early enough to snag a table, and ended up seated next to a local guy named Fernando. Fernando was all alone, so we decided to be his friend. We had a nice time chatting with him, sharing pretzels, and drinking beer.


We were a little sad to leave after only two hours, but needed to go meet up for a bike tour. The bike tour was just ok. We saw a little place in the park that is famous for.... surfing!


The tourguide spent quite a bit of time hitting on the college age ladies in the group and it got a little annoying. His general MO was the following: I'm so worldly and interesting because I live in Munich. Man, it's tough holding down a relationship, nobody will follow me around the world to do interesting things like hit on girls who join the bike tour. Wanna try and tame me? I wonder if he has a dryer. Wanna know a secret, ladies? One of the most exotic things about living in Europe? Line drying in a country that gets rain 300 days a year.


Once upon a time,

Nick and I visited Paris and Amsterdam with 4 nice ladies. Carrie, Sara, Jessica, and Jaime were kind enough to fly over a weeklong visit at the end of September. Better late than never with regard to the blogging... We had a nice time showing them around, letting them loose upon the shops, and showing them the fries and waffles. Here's us, obvious location


Us in the Tuileries Gardens, near our hotel

paris jardin

Carrie and Sara near Montmartre, with a talented gentleman

paris guy