Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conversation Pieces with the Dutch

*It was snowing at work the other day, and I hadn't yet walked by a window to know that fact.
It was "short-break" time, and I was heading to get a coffee. I rounded the corner, and got my first
glimpse of it outside. It was dumping snow, and remembering what I was told, it rarely snows in The Netherlands. The words that came out of my mouth were, "Holy Cow!". Little did I know, that I had just said this in front of 10 dutch DC employees. They burst out laughing at me, and asked where I was from.
I told them from Minnesota, and that I was used to the snow, but didn't expect it to snow in my time here. I got my coffee, as they walked away, but could still here them talking as they walked down the hallway away from me.

"HOLY COW!" a man screamed. Another answered with, "I didn't see any cows out there!"

I guess that whatever Bart Simpson says in Dutch, does not translate to "Holy Cow!"
Hopefully they use it from now on.

*My manager has recently had his first child. My group has decided to go and pay our respects and visit the child as one group. I received an email today asking me this...

"Here are the options for us to go admire Roy's new baby, Indy"

At first, I thought she was just trying to use a cute word, because new babies are supposed to be cute.

Then when I didn't respond right away, I got an IM asking me when I would be available to go and admire Indy.

Im not sure which word the Dutch would use in that scenario, but I thought it was really cute to use admire in place of visit.


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