Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catching up

Well, apparently the novelty of blogging has worn off, and I am more attached to blogging with pictures that allow me to slack off on the writing. However, here goes: We went to the US for Christmas. It went very quickly, and in a way felt like no time had passed. I noticed that my normal Caribou drink (Lite White Berry, half raspberry) tasted like pure sugar, the free ice water tasted too cold, and the portion sizes were overwhelming. Other than those expected deviations, it was business as usual. We spent New Year's Eve in Maastricht on the Hogebrug (a bridge). It was fun to watch the fireworks, though the show had a much different feel to it- people all over were lighting their own fireworks, even on the crowded bridge. The show was amateur, dangerous, and from all directions. In 2009, we have visited Brussels for no reason whatsoever, Brugge for the Ice Magic festival, Amsterdam for a concert, and will head to Paris for Valentine's day. The funniest thing we've seen in 2009 is a Dutch teenager who drove an old, very large tractor to McDonalds in the middle of nowhere. The whole restaurant laughed as we watched him climb up, pull out of his parking space and drive away. I will try to put some pictures up later, since my descriptions are woefully shallow.

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