Sunday, June 21, 2009

Amsterdam: The Finale

We left Berlin around 9 and started our 6 hour drive towards Amsterdam. This was a fun drive for me, as a big portion of it was on the Autobahn. I learned that our Prius tops out at 181 km/h. I was still getting lapped by the Porsches and BMWs.

We arrived to our hotel, on the western outskirts of the city. We checked in quickly and headed straight into the center of town, as a beer specialty store that Erik wanted to check out was soon closing. We made it with about 10 minutes to spare, and Erik quickly made friends with the store-owner(?). We spent way too much on beer, but came away with some very unique ones that we may never see again.

We headed to a restaurant called Gespot that Erica and I had tried before and really enjoyed. It had a little of something for everyone and good cocktails. We took a few pictures of Amsterdam and headed back out to the hotel. Erik and Lynnea were leaving tomorrow morning and needed to pack properly for the flight. Erica and I tagged along, and Erik and I quickly became distracted by a card tossing game. It started out as landslide victories for me, but Erik quickly became a challenge. Who knew I was so good at tossing cards?... I did!

We met up with the Sundman's for breakfast at the hotel and said our goodbyes! Erica and I headed back into Amsterdam to visit a couple of museums and say goodbye to the pretty city. Our first stop at a museum called FOAM. A photography museum. We learned that there was a New York Perspectives exhibit across the street and also visited that. It was New York photographers taking pictures around Amsterdam. We went downstairs at the place and stumbled upon the city archives. We saw old city planning maps, and a police report about Anne Frank's bike being stolen. Also 3-d pictures (although not Magic Eye).

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