Sunday, June 21, 2009

The last legs of the trip... (better late than never)

Before leaving Prague, Erica and I headed back into the city to use the last of our metro passes. We were originally planning to go visit a glass museum, but decided against it and went to an area of the city known as Mala Stan. We just walked around and came across the John Lennon peace wall there.

We were to meet up with Lynnea and Erik at a pub that we were thwarted at trying to get into the night before.
Everyone had a couple beers (I had one, since I was driving) and some lunch. We used every last minute of our metro pass by heading back to the apartment. We packed up the car, and were on the road to Berlin.

3.5 hours later...

We pulled up alongside our apartment, checked-in, and headed to Oscar Wilde Pub, so that Erik could see the Champion's Cup Football (soccer) match. I stayed along with him, and the girls went back to the apartment, as it was standing room only. It was the first match I have ever completely watched, and I actually enjoyed it. I was glad that Barca one, but what do I know? We walked back to the apartment stopping for some Shwarma along the way.

We woke up the next morning and headed to the big T.V. tower for the Fat Tire Bike Tour. I volunteered for the Ass-man position this time, and was in charge of making sure everyone stayed in front of me.
Places visited on the tour:
German version of the White House
The Dom
The book burning site
The Gardens
The Berlin Wall
Checkpoint Charlie
Old Nazi Headquarter
Bunker where Hitler killed himself
Holocaust Memorial


It was a good way to see many things. Afterward, Erica and I headed to a longer stretch of the Berlin wall, in East Berlin. We also did some shopping at a local store, and went to a Photography Museum near the zoo.
We headed back to our apartment and found a japanese noodle restaurant for dinner. The food was good here, and Erica had a beer with Fanta added to it (they also have a beer that the mix with lemonade).

Friday morning started with some pastries and window-shopping. Erica found a very persuasive salesman at a store she had been eyeing. A beautiful red trench coat was now on her brain. We walked around to a few more stores, and also to a bakery where Erica had tried some deserts from previously. It was now time for lunch at an all-you-can eat buffet. Erica received some good news, and bought lunch for everyone! She also went back and bought the red trench coat, but the salesman wasn't there. She had to deal with a slightly less fun saleswoman. We headed to the zoo next! A bit anti-climatic, but we enjoyed the monkey house, polar bears, and the petting zoo. We decided to eat more kebabs for dinner and have a night in with games and wine/beer, after all we had to leave pretty early the next morning to head towards A-dam.

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