Sunday, July 12, 2009

Derek's visit

Well, this is about a month late, but there is a good excuse. Let me explain. My brother and his friend Kristin visited about a month ago. They hung around Maastricht, and also went to Amsterdam, spent some time relaxing. Here's them near the Maas.


But during the weekend, the four of us headed on a four hour roadtrip to Groningen, where my ancestors (dad's side) are from. We planned to meet one of our distant Dutch relatives at an airfield for a tour of our family's location. Here is us, full of hope!


Our relative didn't show for one reason or another, but the funny thing is that we met her ex-husband at the airfield. Apparently, he's the one who taught her how to fly. We didn't let the no show stop us! We drove around the village where we are from and via fate, found a house with the Dutch variation of our name! We didn't knock on the door or anything, just trespassed and took pictures of their cat.


We had no idea exact who lived there or how we were related to them, but when you drive four hours to the middle of nowhere, you don't have the option to be picky. When we got the photos back, I had them made into a postcard (with help from my coworker!) and sent the card for a very late Father's Day card. So, that's why this entry is late- my dad just got the card last week, and he gets dibs on this story.

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