Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last days in Limburg

I have difficulty with good-byes and finality and options being cut off. I think along the lines of "Oh no, I will never again be in Maastricht on a Thursday!" or "This is my last sandwich at the cafeteria I have been complaining about for the past year." or "I forgot that Batman's curious nose will no longer peer out of our front window, I should've paid better attention yesterday." Meanwhile, Nick takes a break from packing the boxes to wonder aloud if he can throw away the pair of sunglasses he never sees me wear. Here are a few of our good-bye stories:

A few weekends ago, we went out with Nick's boss and a coworker, painting the town black and blue. By about 1AM, we are all hammered and in the Markt (Maastricht's main town square) singing screaming out Frank Sinatra's New York, New York. (Because if you are not yet aware, we are moving to New York, New York.) A group of random Indian guys walked by as I spun around singing a solo line, and one of them picked me up and said "you're coming out with us now!" What a brilliant idea! So I just laughed at my good fortune as he carried me down the street. Nick's boss and coworker started chasing after us, and Nick just stayed where he was, because he knew I would come back eventually. :-)

Nick and I rented some cool Italian flag vespas from La Dolce Vespa in Maastricht. (Isn't that a cool name?!) The lady was super nice, and taught us to drive in the little parking lot. We were both fairly terrified, and really sucked at making turns on the tiny Vespa wheels. You aren't obliged to wear a helmet, but we sprang an extra 20 euros to get helmets. We spent about 6 hours zooming around at about 20 mph through Limburg, to tiny towns we'd never visited. Including Gulpen a few times because we got lost. We went to Margraten, which is a large American cemetery from WW2. Dutch people adopt graves and leave flowers and messages, it was a really beautiful place. Horror of horrors, my camera ran out of batteries before I could execute all my photo ideas of us on the Vespas so we have no Vespa photos.

There are many reasons to drive 4 hours to Paris while your husband packs a few suitcases and golfs. To see my old coworker from my Paris internship 6 years ago. To eat Berthillon ice cream one last time. To take advantage of the French sales that are only held twice a year. To buy perfume at the Rue Cambon Chanel boutique. We went out with our coworkers on Friday night, stayed out until 3, and then I woke up at 5:30 to drive to Paris in time for my shopping appointment at Galeries Lafayette. Nothing like shopping to cure a hangover and a little bit of homesickness. I've spent the past 6 years homesick for Paris, and sadly it will continue when we move. I spied a mime preparing for his day on a side street near Notre Dame.



Our last picture in the apartment- you can see Batman has a cone on his head, the poor guy needs to get his shit together and look healthy before we try to import him....


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