Monday, July 6, 2009


 I thought it would be fun to post what we will miss about Europe and what we're looking forward to about moving back to the US. Then in a few months, we can see how it shakes out, what things we forgot or over/underestimated.

What will we miss?
Our coworkers/friends
Cheap Ryanair flights, and the geographic proximity to different countries/cultures/languages
Buying smaller portions- eg one chicken breast or a half loaf of bread
Being "special" - for better or for worse, being American is a huge part of our identity here and makes us stick out wherever we go
Reitz fries and Pinky waffles
The escape from American media and the constant bombardment of gloom, doom, and advertisements
Being in places with a sense of place and history (vs. chain stores, chain restaurants, chain everything)
Good beer

What are we looking forward to?
Store opening hours- nights and weekends!
Free water, free ice, free refills
Closer time zone to friends and family
Lower priced options for eating out
Going to baseball/football/basketball games

*** edited to add: Netflix and crispy bacon (Europeans eat fatty undercooked bacon)

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