Monday, July 13, 2009


Another late entry! About a week before our last day of work, Nick and I headed for a long weekend in Rome. His dad's family was in Rome as well, before going on a whirlwind tour of Northern Italy. We had the days to ourselves and met them for dinners. We visited Rome 6 years ago, but we left many stones unturned, so we had a lot of fun doing the touristy things - Roman forum, Colosseum, etc. It was a short trip, but all the same, pretty amazing to hop a flight for a weekend in Rome for only 20 euros.

Roman Forum with a temporary modern sculpture exhibit


Italian parallel parking- perpendicular parking! (Colosseum in the background)


Us at the Colosseum after waiting in line ZERO minutes as compared to the suckers who waited 45 minutes. Tip: buy your tickets at the Roman Forum instead of the Colosseum!


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