Saturday, September 12, 2009

It really does taste of donut!

 Ok, I lied, at least one more post: we tried this for breakfast and it's SO INSANELY DELICIOUS AND EASY. And Nigella is so charming.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Running out of steam

Keeping with our July 6 post "Projections" - we were right on! One thing I would add that I love about being in the US again- books! I love the library, the Barnes and Noble, Amazon! The library still seems like it's too good to be true. You mean I can look at any book I want for free? And take it home and stuff? And you trust me to bring it back? Awesome! 

And I need those books, because this city is a time suck and there is a surprising amount of waiting and transition time. I think I was under the impression that transportation without a car is the same as quick transportation. After all, I just step outside and walk to the bus and end up on the other side of town, without getting on the highway. Conceptually, this is a quick trip. However, it actually takes forever, and at first I vastly underestimated my commute time. In my mind, getting to gymnastics class takes about 20 minutes. Actually, it takes 45 door to door. 5-10 walk to the subway, 5-10 wait, 20 minute ride, 10 minute walk from the stop. When I look back at my day, I always feel like I didn't accomplish enough. But the truth is, if I want to go anywhere out of my neighborhood, I spend usually 1-2 hours to get from A to B.

Today I was reading a book while I was walking home and some wiseguy said "Hey sweetheart, what are you reading there?" (pronounced hey sweethawt, whachu readin theyah) I could handle this, and kept a straight face and a straight stride. Then his friend said "Nothin about you!" I was not prepared for that! I started laughing and looked up from my book (Difficult Loves by Italo Calvino) and looked back and said, "He's right!"

And with that, this journal will probably begin its demise. I don't take my camera with me for day to day things and Nick has a job, how boring are we now?!