Sunday, May 30, 2010

And, today...

A pair of red high heeled sandals with no person attached, propped on one of those little fences that protect trees from peeing dogs! I can't believe this!

Friday, May 28, 2010

City Cat

This evening, while walking to dinner, I discovered:
- a single abandoned men's leather shoe on the sidewalk, fair condition, wrapped in police caution tape

Then, on my way home, I discovered:
- a house cat strutting along next to pedestrians on the sidewalk, with a red collar and rabies tags. I bent over to check for an address, and a passerby said, "that's okay, he lives in the neighborhood." WHAT?! I've never seen this in New York City, a place that naturally requires cats to be either inside cats or feral cats. This little gray dude was a badass fucking city cat, one of a kind. He let me pet him, and his kind demeanor made me wonder what possessed his owners to send him outside to hang out on one of the busiest avenues in Manhattan.
- a pair of abandoned men's sneakers, fair condition, taking up a parking space between two cars. Upon seeing the second round of footwear, I couldn't help but gasp aloud, "WHAT?! the f-uuuck?" I remain perplexed. Did somebody accidentally take them off? How does that happen? Did somebody discard them on purpose, and if so, why not a trash can instead? Did somebody leave them for a planned pickup by a friend in need of extra shoe(s)? Is the city really that trustworthy?

This place is an unsolvable riddle, one of many reasons to love it. If you love it too, or love me (and since our families read this, AHEM), please consider writing to Mayor Bloomberg in support of the New York Public Library system. You can just put in your name and choose any library, and the letter is already filled out- it takes two minutes and this city full of crazies needs to have access to books written by outsiders, wouldn't you agree? You can also see a hilarious renactment of the famous New York library scene from Ghostbusters.

How was that for a segue?

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I went to Vegas for a bachelorette party back in March and had a lovely time. This was my first time going to Vegas with girls, and it was much more fun than gambling with boys, and staying in comped rooms, and ..... getting married! Kidding about the last part. The group of us had a big night out renting out a section at Tao, narrowly missing Justin Timberlake (according to the tabloids.) Expensive, but totally worth it to spend a night in Lindsay Lohan's life, minus the cocaine and arrest record.


The bride unfortunately had to fly home early, but a few of us proceeded to have what I refer to as the best day of my life. Noon to 3: brunch at Bouchon, endless coffee to fuel us for 3-5: napping and making fun of commercials 5-7: drinks outside of the Wynn with a view of a waterfall, courtesy of a Canadian stag party


8-10: dinner and roulette 10-6 Irish bar, screaming Irish drinking songs with the band, hit on incessantly by British men, meet and greet with various prostitutes (note: $30 special doesn't include a ride to the airport), fist pump tutorial at MGM Grand, nap 6AM: flight home