Monday, June 14, 2010

Celebrity sightings

We're finally getting moved into our new place; as soon as I fill the last picture frame, I will put some before and after pictures up!

Until I can share some semi-meaningful information, a little more fluff. I've decided to start a little New York journal for Nick and I to keep a record of our funny stories and celebrity sightings. I have a strong suspicion that most people don't find the same humor in life that I do, but for now, I'll share here as well.

I was walking to get an iced coffee and came across three youngish (late teens?) boys walking toward me. I avoided eye contact, not wanting to fuel their teenage hormones or my own discomfort. And yet... middle guy said, "Would you like to smoke some marijuana with us?" And end guy followed up enthusiastically, "Party at my house, with weed!" Despite the fact that I'm much too old and married to accept this sort of invitation, I kind of wanted to because they asked so politely. I didn't respond, but I kept walking with a huge grin on my face and the impression that these young stoners will turn out to be fine gentlemen one day.

Celebrity sightings are new to me, I had literally seen zero famous people in my whole life until a few months ago! I do not gawk, but I do get a look of recognition on my face that appears before my brain gets a chance to scold my face for being so expressive. But here goes, in case anyone is interested in this sort of thing:

- Nick saw Kenneth from 30 Rock at an improv club as we were exiting. I missed him, and I was furious!
- I was running errands in Soho, it was horrible blizzard weather, and I was wearing no makeup and a stupid Iowa sweatshirt with a stupid picture of a stupid corn cob. I heart Iowa with a corncob instead of an I. And I don't even heart Iowa that much, which is probably obvious since I moved away, but it was kitschy and funny when I decided to buy it at HyVee at 1am and I only wore it because I knew it would be a snow day! I pushed through a group of slow tourists and was blinded by flashbulbs- I was about 2 feet away from Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise! It was kind of interesting and horrible to be on the "celebrity" side of the paparazzi.
- Nick saw The Edge from U2 crossing the street. He said, "Was that The Edge?!" and I said, "Who is The Edge?" A woman next to us intervened and confirmed. While she and Nick gushed, I kept asking, "Who is The Edge?"
- I saw Pete from 30 Rock at the Union Square subway station.
- I saw the Olsen twins at the ballet. Yes, they are tiny, and yes, Mary Kate looks like she could stand to eat a sandwich and wash her hair.
- I saw Magda from SATC walking around the UWS.

That's all for now! If you're lucky, Nick will update this with his taxi cab stories.

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