Monday, October 4, 2010

American Idiot

"Tonight the role of St. Jimmy will be played by Billie Joe Armstrong."

We are not theater people, so for us, Broadway tickets only come about once a year. Our first year, we got tickets to Wicked as a good-bye gift from a friend in Europe. This year, we've both wanted to go to American Idiot, which is a Broadway adaptation of the Green Day album. As fate would have it, one of the Broadway castmembers needed a short leave of absence, and rather than using an understudy, the part was filled in by Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day lead singer/writer) for 6 days only. How often is it that the replacement actor is about a million times more famous than the original, wrote the music, and made it popular enough to warrant a Broadway show? Seeing this announcement encouraged us to finally get around to buying tickets for Saturday night.

I've seen Green Day twice, Nick once. My first concert ever, I crowdsurfed at a Green Day concert that was held in a tiny Kansas City gymnasium, and the second I got box seats for a work event. Both times, the band invited some gawky teenage kid on stage to play guitar for one of the songs, making his decade I'm sure. The point is, there is a certain kind and humble demeanor that makes it easy to like Billie Joe Armstrong.

Even though the lyrics and storyline aren't particularly jolly, the night was full of happiness and enthusiasm. The crowd was pumped up, the cast was pumped up (how excited must they be to perform with the guy?), and Billie Joe seemed so happy and appreciative to be onstage.

Here is a clip of the encore (not ours!). For those of you who don't know, Billie Joe is the one with the white tuxedo jacket and black shirt. Around 1:48 is the cutest thing ever.

And the link if you can't view the embed:

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