Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hey everyone, it's time to introduce you to our newest family member to be.

This is Zoltar at 12 wks, or 3 months, or -6 months, depending on your persuasion:


Even I can admit that ultrasound pictures all look pretty much alike, so the camera phone versions will do for now.

So, that's our big news: I'm 18 weeks pregnant! The picture is about a month and a half old; it was taken right before I ran the half marathon in California. As you might imagine, running a half marathon is not particularly encouraged among pregnant women, and training is no fun during the exhausting first trimester, but I am really glad that Zoltar came with me on the run. When I was running, I imagined he/she was running around inside me like a hamster on a wheel. And when I got out of breath, I would imagine he/she flipped off the wheel and tumbled around like a lone sock in the dryer. Getting too out of breath is bad when you're somebody's sole source of oxygen, so this helped me remind myself to slow down until Zoltar turned from a sock to a hamster.

The first three months were pretty tough, my life was mostly limited to eating, running, peeing and sleeping like a baby (I woke up every 3 hours, whimpering and peeing.) Consequently, Nick's first three months involved a lot of kind and patient listening to my whines and scooping the cat litter. I'm certainly not adjusted to the idea that in about 13.5 years, we'll be the parents of a 13 year old, BUT! we're getting used to the idea that we'll soon have an infant to reckon with. The fact that infants turn into toddlers and toddlers turn into children, etc. etc. will be absorbed at a later date, but that's fine, since parenting is a learn as you go endeavor.

In just a few short weeks, we'll have another ultrasound and get to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl! I have absolutely no idea, hunch, intuition, or guess about what it is. Although we have already settled on a girl and a boy name, we're keeping the name a secret. Hence, during fetushood, the baby's nickname is Zoltar, this way we don't accidentally let the real name slip once we know the gender! We look forward to sharing that news with everybody soon!

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