Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bacon Makes Everything Better

I've had a monster cold/cough for 3 weeks running, and am banned from taking any good medicine. I miss NyQuil, I used to look forward to being sick just because NyQuil sleep is so damn enjoyable! So what is a sick NYC preggo to do with a dreary day off of work? I slept in late, went to get my hair done and sought out the best pancakes in New York City. Blueberry pancakes with maple butter (!), bacon, and hot chocolate!



Zoltar seems happy with my diet of fruit, veggies, sugar, and pork fat, that's what counts. I just bought Zoltar the cutest onesies ever, I will keep them in hiding until he's here to show them off! His drawers are almost full... of clothes, a memory box, stuffed toys, baby medicines. At 5 months, it seems like I've been pregnant for a really long time, but there is still so much more to go!

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I like it better than the old one!
Nice work.