Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is this heaven?

We left New York with no snow on the ground and returned to no snow on the ground. Hellz yea, we are lucky! Minnesota, on the other hand, seems to be getting colder and colder since we moved away. When we got to Iowa and got out into the 50 degree weather, I literally recited Iowa's marketing slogan, "Is this heaven?" Believe me, that was a first.

We spent a lot of time running around to see all branches of our families. I wasn't really showing much, but here is Zoltar with his girl cousin, who will be born January 21!


Nick's mom also hosted a baby shower with Nick's family and some Des Moines friends. Everybody brought a book for Zoltar's library, so it was a lot of fun opening books, flight friendly gifts and pictures of the non flight friendly gifts!


I kept everything in the gift bags until the very last minute since they were all so cute. I even packed a few of the bags in my suitcase so I could hang on to them for a little longer, until.... we got home and built Zoltar's dresser. It was sort of strange to be building something for a person who doesn't exist yet. We got a lot of baby things, but they are all so teeny that they only take up three drawers. We both thought putting together the dresser was a fun project; I think we're ready for parenthood if we're satisfied with spending a Friday night building a dresser!

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