Monday, February 21, 2011

Christmas in February

This Monday morning was like Christmas morning for a simple reason: freshly baked cheesecake needs to be refrigerated overnight. The weather turned windy and cold, so I resorted to baking my most favorite dessert as a means of entertainment. Note that cheesecake in general is not my favorite, it's this particular cheesecake which has an extra layer of vanilla topping.)


Another Christmas present was finding mini cans of Dr. Pepper at the nearby grocery store. We've been holding out for these forever! When we lived in Maastricht, only one of the 3 Albert Heijn stores in our neighborhood carried Dr. Pepper. By the time we moved to New York, all 3 did. Now, we don't drink that much Dr. Pepper, we only buy a few cans a week (or zero cans a week if the store doesn't carry the right size!). But I have a strong suspicion that selling a few extra cans probably tripled Albert Heijn's Dr. Pepper sales, which led them to offer it in the 2 additional stores. I like to imagine that when we left, we left a Dutch grocery manager in a state of utter confusion about what was happening to his Dr. Pepper sales.

On Thursday and Friday, I retired my puffy coat and happily wandered around the city in only a cardigan. On Saturday and Sunday, I unretired my puffy coat and we finally went in search of maternity clothes. Until now, I've been mostly getting by with a belly band and my normal shirts, but now I'm undeniably pregnant! Today, we wake up to snow! Puffy coat it is. Even bundled in winter gear, Zoltar has been recognized by 3 people so far, who offered the pregnant lady (me!) a seat on the subway. What's funny is that my winter coat is actually a child's XL, because the length was better on me and it was $100 cheaper than the women's XS version. Who knew that a kid's coat could fit a 6 month baby bump inside?

Luckily we decided to take a few pictures of Zoltar in Central Park before the snow hit today. (Now at 26 weeks or 6 months or -3 months old!) The park is still pretty dreary and gray, but there are only so many apartment poses that a fetus can make.


This weekend we went to see the Oscar nominees for live action short films. It was so much more fun to bypass all of the big movies and see the categories and people whose accomplishments are usually highlighted with a small footnote. I thought that seeing these short films was an only in New York thing, but I was wrong! You can even see these bad boys in Duluth! So if you live in Duluth, we strongly recommend a trip to the movies!

And now, Nick, Zoltar and I have some cheesecake to eat.

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Lynnea said...

Love that close-up shot of you and Zoltar. You're gorgeous!!!! I can't believe it's only 3 more months til he's here. :)