Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boyz in the hood

Enough talk about the boy in my womb, how about my other boys? There are the ones we all know and love and love to photograph (Nick, Batman, Newman).

Nick, enjoys feeling fetus kicks to his back

Batman, smells change

Newman, wild card. Will either sit on baby's face or ignore baby.



Recently I've been surprised to find that New York City is full of young gentlemen. I first noticed this surprising politesse last summer when some boys extended a generous invite. Now that I'm obviously pregnant, day to day subway travel serves as an impromptu social experiment: will anyone in this town offer me a seat? Although I have two months left, the data so far has been overwhelming, and I feel confident publishing some conclusions. Here they are:

Most likely to offer: far and away (at least 90% of seats offered to date) young men in their 20's are the most likely to offer a seat. Preppy undergrads, grad students, tourists with arms around girlfriends, pants pulled down ganstas, but the common denominator is young men will offer me a seat, and I love them for it. It gives me hope for the world and for our son (!).

Least likely to offer: tie between women my age and middle aged men. I've even learned that straight up rudeness isn't out of the question for these demographics. I've had these winners put their fat purse or cheap briefcase on the last seat right when I go to sit, or push in front of me to get on the train. (For the record, a simple and cold "excuse me" is an effective bag removal device.)

There you have it- I won't offer my theories to maintain the integrity of the scientific results. And for now, let's all have high expectations for young men and their manners.

The past two weekends, Nick and I did the unthinkable- visited the ..... wait for it..... boroughs! Technically NYC includes a lot more than Manhattan, but I tend to round down and get my money's worth without crossing a bridge. Last weekend, it was Brooklyn, and this weekend, Queens. We first wandered around Union Square (on Manhattan's east side) which hosts a bustling market featuring locally sourced (and expensive!) beef, cider, produce, and a few free gems.


Then we headed to the 7 train for our first Queens visit (unless the airport counts.) We had a dinner party to attend, but first visited an art museum and an outdoor graffiti mecca called 5 Pointz.

Ten weeks left, give or take, before another boy will be joining us and entering the ranks of New York gentlemen!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

When life hands you rain, make purple rain


Yesterday, I decided to stop for breakfast before work. I turned to open the door of my chosen establishment and BAMMO! there was dude in front of me changing his pants. Standing in his boxers, digging through a duffel bag. I turned in a circle, my mind adjusting to this sequence of events. But as you can guess, no man will stand between me and a breakfast sandwich. So I just went past him, told the manager there was a dude changing his pants by the door and laughed with the employees about this strange morning. Today, it rained all day, and to top it off, the strap on the shoes I was wearing broke! So imagine me, almost seven months pregnant, running around in the rain with no umbrella and broken shoes. 

I'm a crotchety old man under normal circumstances, so I don't know how I'm in such a good mood after all this. Maybe it's because Starbucks is offering free treats today through Saturday, or maybe because now I have a good excuse to toss the old shoes I wore today. (I couldn't toss them when they were still "perfectly good," curse you practical Midwestern upbringing!) Whatever the reason, I felt compelled to document my rare optimism, so when I'm holding a screaming baby, I can look back and say, "Remember that time I encountered a dude changing his pants at Cosi? Those were the days."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Ditch Efforts

I'm having the opposite reaction of most moms to be. Instead of accepting the fact that my grooming habits will soon go downhill, I'm making a last ditch effort to figure out the rites of womanhood while I still have time. Lucky for me, I'm lazy and my grooming habits are already at rock bottom, with nowhere to go but up. I literally don't know how to fill a half hour getting ready or "doing my hair." There is only so much eye shadow that will fit on my eyelids! When I hang out with other girls, I'm baffled by the time we need to build in for "getting ready to go out." Why aren't we ready now? My hair is a prime example. Current styling habits include: air dry, brush. Back in third grade, I was a teased bang aficionada, and I became determined to make a comeback.

Playing around with new hair tool (which made my hair too curly so I had to pull it back!)

This weekend, we took a tour of the 42nd street New York Public Library and visited the Frick Museum. Another last ditch effort, just in case Zoltar is one of those babies who doesn't want to sleep peacefully in his carrier while his parents walk around the library. We had a lot of fun, and figured out that recently I have a new limit on walking and going without food. Poor Nick discovered this the hard way when I snapped, "I said I was hungry a half hour ago, that means we need to eat NOW."

Nick in front of the lions!

Zoltar, 28 weeks, me with presentable curls!

Ghostbusters reading room, scene of this hilarious Improv Everywhere stunt (NYPL was in on this as a publicity stunt)

 So while this has nothing to do with the library, I have to share the funniest IE video ever. Around the 1:10 mark, I start peeing my pants from laughing, despite not having seen Star Wars for a good 15 years.