Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Ditch Efforts

I'm having the opposite reaction of most moms to be. Instead of accepting the fact that my grooming habits will soon go downhill, I'm making a last ditch effort to figure out the rites of womanhood while I still have time. Lucky for me, I'm lazy and my grooming habits are already at rock bottom, with nowhere to go but up. I literally don't know how to fill a half hour getting ready or "doing my hair." There is only so much eye shadow that will fit on my eyelids! When I hang out with other girls, I'm baffled by the time we need to build in for "getting ready to go out." Why aren't we ready now? My hair is a prime example. Current styling habits include: air dry, brush. Back in third grade, I was a teased bang aficionada, and I became determined to make a comeback.

Playing around with new hair tool (which made my hair too curly so I had to pull it back!)

This weekend, we took a tour of the 42nd street New York Public Library and visited the Frick Museum. Another last ditch effort, just in case Zoltar is one of those babies who doesn't want to sleep peacefully in his carrier while his parents walk around the library. We had a lot of fun, and figured out that recently I have a new limit on walking and going without food. Poor Nick discovered this the hard way when I snapped, "I said I was hungry a half hour ago, that means we need to eat NOW."

Nick in front of the lions!

Zoltar, 28 weeks, me with presentable curls!

Ghostbusters reading room, scene of this hilarious Improv Everywhere stunt (NYPL was in on this as a publicity stunt)

 So while this has nothing to do with the library, I have to share the funniest IE video ever. Around the 1:10 mark, I start peeing my pants from laughing, despite not having seen Star Wars for a good 15 years.


Lynnea said...

Beautiful as always! I love all of your pregnancy pictures out and about in NYC! And about the grooming: You're so lucky that you can just air-dry and brush! If I did that it would be an insane, frizzy mess. You're just a natural beauty.

Rivers of Sinope said...

I love the NYPL. Spent half a week there in the archives.

Nick and Erica Everywhere said...

It's such an impressive place if you know what you're looking for! Too bad I don't have anything to research, I know they offer special access to different rooms.