Thursday, March 10, 2011

When life hands you rain, make purple rain


Yesterday, I decided to stop for breakfast before work. I turned to open the door of my chosen establishment and BAMMO! there was dude in front of me changing his pants. Standing in his boxers, digging through a duffel bag. I turned in a circle, my mind adjusting to this sequence of events. But as you can guess, no man will stand between me and a breakfast sandwich. So I just went past him, told the manager there was a dude changing his pants by the door and laughed with the employees about this strange morning. Today, it rained all day, and to top it off, the strap on the shoes I was wearing broke! So imagine me, almost seven months pregnant, running around in the rain with no umbrella and broken shoes. 

I'm a crotchety old man under normal circumstances, so I don't know how I'm in such a good mood after all this. Maybe it's because Starbucks is offering free treats today through Saturday, or maybe because now I have a good excuse to toss the old shoes I wore today. (I couldn't toss them when they were still "perfectly good," curse you practical Midwestern upbringing!) Whatever the reason, I felt compelled to document my rare optimism, so when I'm holding a screaming baby, I can look back and say, "Remember that time I encountered a dude changing his pants at Cosi? Those were the days."

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