Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bundle of WTF

We have to take what we can get for nice weather, as we've learned from snowy Minnesota, rainy Maastricht, and late bloomer New York. Last weekend, there was enough sun to justify a little trip to Roosevelt Island for a picnic, so that's what we did. Roosevelt Island is a place that few people visit, even though you get there on a tram with a fantastic view of Manhattan (or in our case, a shitty view of other people blocking the fantastic view!) Roosevelt Island is a strange little island situated between Manhattan and Queens. The history of the place is strange- it was passed from the Dutch to the English to a private family, and finally to the City of New York. It's famous for having an old insane asylum and smallpox hospital. Present day, it's home to a single coffee shop, drugstore, subway stop, the only lighthouse in NYC, and very few residents. It was strange to be in a place that's part of New York City and so deserted. But it's good for picnicking and wandering, since there is a good view of Manhattan's east side, as seen from the kickball fields, community garden, and Nick's sunglasses!
The mint lemonade has nothing to do with our picnic, it's here simply because it was delicious enough to remember!


We had some professional maternity shots today (so excited!) but in the meantime, here are some 32 week shots in front of the lighthouse.



Now that we're down to the last two months, I'm impatient and exhausted in addition to the natural excitement and curiosity about who our baby will be. What I really hate is the books that can't talk about pregnancy and birth without referring to cuddling my cliched "bundle of joy." Did these women give birth to stuffed animals or something? Joy is just one of many complex things that Zoltar is a bundle of, and I'd be in for a rude awakening if I believed that caring for a real infant approximates hugging a baby doll all day.  With regard to birth, I feel about as bad for our baby as I do for myself. Poor Zoltar's life to date experience consists of floating alone in a dark and wet enclosed space. I imagine his tiny creature brain will zip through the following thought process:
  • WTF is this air?
  • WTF is this light?
  • WTF happened to my thump thump sound?
  • Who the fuck are you?
The three of us will have a lifetime of WTF moments together. And if we're lucky, we'll all be ok when we wrap him in a little ball and let him hear a heartbeat and sing his favorite song.


Lynnea said...

Love, love, love that picture of you in the sunglasses! Every single picture you put on your blog is so frame-able. Did you get my voicemail about having a dream that you had your baby?? I'm glad to see you haven't. Can't wait to see the maternity shots!

Nick and Erica Everywhere said...

Thanks Lynnea! I tried to call you tonight but it went straight to vm.... hope to talk to you soon before your dream comes true!