Sunday, May 22, 2011

...and wait....

No rapture, and no baby. In the meantime, yes to waiting, yes to Central Park Zoo, yes to espresso granitas and chocolate mousse pie.

9 Months Pregnant!

Couldn't resist another sign

I want a panda!

Lately people keep asking if I'm ready. Yes! You know when you're to the point of shopping for champagne and summer perfume, that the baby stuff is as ready and fluffed as it's going to be.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

And now we wait...

Walking around pregnant in New York has been like having a key to the city. When you live here, you quickly learn that Crazy comes in all shapes and sizes. As a consequence, people here tend to move through their daily routines in a protective shell, often taking great care to avoid eye contact and interaction with strangers. But my belly seems to crack people open, and has served as an unanticipated social experiment. Instead of wondering about the strangers I see, I get to find out who is polite, who will pretend not to see my big belly, who stares, who catcalls, who will ask about the baby, who will tell me to order decaf, who will be a first time aunt in July. And who will give me free stuff! Zoltar has made me the queen of "on the house"! Within the past two weeks, I've received free cookies on two separate occasions, a free bottle of water, 4 free sea salt caramels, and a free mascara.

An update on the subway seat game: young men are still taking it to the house, by far offering seats most often. My favorite: a young guy with baggy jeans and baseball hat pulled over his eyes offered me a seat. I thanked him and we started talking, and it turned out he was on his way to the hospital because his wife just went into labor with his second daughter. In a distant second place, middle aged women. In a tie for douchebaggery, middle aged men and yuppie white women.

Tomorrow is my first mother's day; how strange that I'm a mother even though I have no idea what our baby looks like! We are going to buy a cookie from Levain's Bakery and I'm going to try to finish an entire quart of skim milk in one sitting. Because I'm still craving dairy, and also because I don't know when else I'd be successful at such an endeavor. Wish me luck!

Here we are! Zoltar at 37 weeks, estimated weight 5 lbs 15 oz.


...And now for some fun signs that have caught my eye. Maybe the next time you hear from me, I'll have a baby on the outside. Or maybe not!

Window of the iconic Strand Bookstore:

What? People accidentally mistake a furniture store for a bus service company?

Even his adopt-a-highway sign is loud and obnoxious!