Sunday, October 2, 2011

Four months!

Skinny baby, tired mom, trooper dad
Being a mom is hard. Being a working mom is hard. Being a working mom with an exclusively breastfed baby is really really really really really really really hard. None of it could happen without Nick, who washes the bottles, fills endless glasses of water, cleans the house, packs the lunches, walks the dog, basically does everything! Maybe one day we can pretend we're a developed nation and offer more than 12 weeks of maternity leave. But until then, I'm exhausted to the point of slurring my words since homeboy is still getting up twice each night. Fun fact: I haven't slept through the night in a year! Don't get me wrong, these are not complaints. Trying to fit two awesome lives into one is a nice problem to have. Luckily, I still make time for pictures. (Which is about all you're going to get out of me until further notice!)

Hey, ladies

The teachers and the parents at the daycare gush over Ferris, how happy he is, how he's always smiling, how he's always flirting, how he never cries. Tuesdays are the best and the worst for me, because of Tuxedo Tuesday. We bought his Tux onesie for the wedding, but why let it go to waste? He's going to wear it every Tuesday until he grows out of it!

Everybody loves Tuxedo Tuesdays!
Ferris is still obsessed with his hands. Our little bulimic baby sucks on his fingers after every meal until he spits up. We try to keep him busy, "HEY, what an interesting moose for you to play with! Ferris, look at your gee-raffe! Ferris, get the hannies out of the mouth! Ferris, keep the milk inside the body!" Our efforts are in vain, as you can see.

It's my hanny and I'll suck if I want to
A bonus video from our Labor Day trip to Boston! (Yes, we went to Boston, sorry, no time to write about that!)

F misses our daily walks and lights up when I put him in the stroller. He gets to go out every day in a quad stroller, but no more wandering through Central Park every day for hours upon hours. (P.S. 4 babies in a quad stroller is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!)


krista said...

So, I've just read all your posts since August and just wanted to say that I LOVE all of your photos - the ones of Ferris, the ones of you and Nick, the ones of the city... I'm so impressed with your creativity and love reading your blog for both the writing and the pictures.

I also wanted to say that I think you should move to Canada before you have your next baby, because up here women are given a year for maternity leave and men can usually take several months as well... just sayin'. :)

Crèmebrûlivin said...

Thanks Krista, what a nice comment! There is a delay in WTF to Expect When You're Expecting since I've clearly turned into a sap. I take it you're back safe and sound in the land of internet? Will you be in Mpls for the NYE party?

krista said...

haha... so did it turn out that the books were right, that you feel like you are cuddling a little teddy bear all day long rather than a real live human being?

Yeah we're hoping to be in Mpls for Christmas/New Years, so if you guys are too I hope we can see you!