Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who ordered the dolphin?

 The first time I took Ferris out of our little neighborhood bubble, I was terrified. That day, I finally put my finger on exactly why I've always loved New York: it offers constant and relentless distraction. What's that noise, that smell? How much is that bag? Is that guy peeing? Once tasked with Keeping Ferris Alive in the face of the busyness, I felt overwhelmed by New York for the first time. But through some combination of Ferris's growth, my experience commuting with him in a carrier, and Nick's assistance carrying the stroller up and down the subway stairs, we've been spending our weekends exploring different parts of the city together. I wonder how much of his personality is already shaped by living here, what skills of observation and curiosity have been fostered by his exposure to the city and its people. This was the best possible place to have a little one. 

Look what we found!

Grand Piano in Washington Square Park

This street jazz band made us feel like we were characters in a Woody Allen movie!

Ventriloquist in Washington Square Park, mama/baby ponchos, Chelsea Highline

The Bronx Zoo

Oh, and this is happening.
Don't worry, my pops was standing by to catch me!
He's becoming so opinionated and confident! I don't know how it's possible for a baby to have such confidence, but he knows what he wants and is undeterred by any attempts to direct his attention. On the subway, he cranes his neck at the most awkward of angles (remember Reagan from The Exorcist?) to stare at his person of choice.

Commuting with a baby on the subway is a follow up to "Who gives up a seat for a pregnant lady on the subway?" Far more people offer a seat for a woman with an outside baby, and the demographic of people who offer is much less predictable. Interestingly enough, the timing makes a big difference. If I leave too early in the morning, I run into school kids who rarely offer a seat. If I leave too late after work, I get a train full of the most blatantly rude people, always anchored by some bitter old hag grumbling about how she can't believe people bring babies on the subway. But most of the time, I encounter smiling people (both men and woman) making goofy faces at Ferris (and melting when he smiles back) or staring while he sleeps on my chest.

If you're reading this post wondering what it has to do with dolphins, your patience will pay off! There are so many great ways to answer the question, "Who ordered the dolphin?!"

And just because.

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