Sunday, November 13, 2011

Danke Schoen

Introducing.... a new hat! Taking a break from the dork ass girly hat.

Ferris continues to be charming and all encompassing. The only person who doesn't love Ferris, F-bomb, Feffis, Fairbear is his 9 month old cousin Zoey. Lovingly nicknamed "Yokozuna" since she's chunky and tough, she has no room in her life for a naive newbie like Ferris. She crawled over to him and yanked on his tufts of mohawk. He cried a devastated cry, "WHY would somebody hurt me? I can't understand why she pulled on my hairs!" It was probably the worst thing that has happened to him so far. Until he showed off by putting an adult cup up to his lips. Yokozuna stomped (crawled) over to him, bitch slapped the cup out of his hannies, mockingly put it up to her lips, threw it on the ground, and finished off by roaring in his face as if to obliterate her adorable, tiny competition.

But he'll get revenge someday; as you can see, he's developing a naughty twinkle of his own.

"Hey Moose, check out those fine lookin milks over there."
For now he remains blissfully immobile. He slept through a happy hour in his carrier while I had the best beer of my life. We even took him to see Tracy Morgan's standup show the other night and he slept through the entire thing. Beyond that, I have nothing to offer but cliches. Bundle of joy, they grow up so fast, the time flies, etc. etc. blah blah blah. We took some pictures in Central Park and must've been pretty cute since tourists kept stopping to take pictures of me taking pictures.

Who doesn't recognize this line?

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