Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're in Miami Feets!

I've needed a few things over the past few weeks: some laughs, a vacation, Oscar short films. Check, check, check.
Saw this on the way to work!
Had me laughing for a good 10 minutes

As for vacation, I saw a picture of The Standard Hotel in Miami and decided I just had to go. As luck would have it, Nick found cheap flights to Miami, so we booked a Valentine's Day trip. And what Valentine's Day trip would be complete without a baby? The Standard doesn't feel the same way: no kids allowed! So I was able to enjoy a spa day all alone, which was magnificent. Look closely and you can see my mojito in the top left picture.
This means I took my phone in the pool! Luckily I'm a good swimmer.

Sunrise view from our hotel - top right was my view since I didn't have my contacts in!
Party in the city where the heat is on? All night on the beach till the break of dawn? Alas. The closest we got to a party was jazz brunch with cocktails. The weather was nice but didn't hit 80 until the day we left. Ferris woke us up till the break of dawn. Parents of little babies need a different soundtrack.

Our soundtrack:
1 - We're in Miami Feets! (adapted from I'm in Miami Trick by LMFAO)
2 - Mama Got Milk (adapted from Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot)
I like to suck and I cannot lie
You other babies can't deny
When a milk walks in with an itty bitty waist and two round things in your face
You get THIRSTY!
3 - The Babies Need the Burpies to Make Room for the Milk (original)
4 - Night Night Ferris (adapted from I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow)

Our itinerary: lounge around, visit the beach for sunset, eat stone crab, tour the Vizcaya mansion.

And what Valentine's Day would be complete without a card for all of you!

We got set up for a beach picnic, and I propped the camera on a beach bag to take family pictures with the remote. Nice that Ferris looks away to give us some privacy. We're raising such a considerate boy! :)

Steps at the Vizcaya Mansion, a museum with a house from 1916 and beautiful gardens.
More beach photos, since I have so many favorites to share.

Ferris splashing in the pool:

Learning to climb. Note our <100% excitement.

That about sums it up! Have you noticed that since I've stopped sleeping, my mind only thinks in photos and I can barely string together a sentence? I think I need another vacation!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

8 months!

Happy 8 months to Ferris! And Happy Superbowl to the New York Giants!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No thank you, Ferris!

Breaking news, Ferris pulled himself up to the coffee table yesterday! He is still crawling by pulling his entire body with both hands, but he's getting fast and adding a downward dog at the end. His favorite toy is the dog bone. Incidentally, Batman's favorite toy is the Sophie teething giraffe. His second favorite toy is the set of cords underneath the desk. I follow him and chirp, "No thank you, Ferris!" That's what they say at the daycare instead of saying, "STOPPPP ITTT!" I'm trying to follow suit.