Monday, March 26, 2012

Like Steve Martin, without the dryness.

In the sense of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

Airplane ride #8 successfully under his nearly 10 month old belt! Playing with his flight accessories...

This was taken during my last month of commuting. For six months, Ferris and I sat just like this twice a day. I loved it. I loved it when he fell asleep, I loved it when he stared down strangers until they looked back at him, I loved looking up to see a car-full of people gazing at Ferris, I loved it when he reached out to hold a gangsta looking teenage boy's hand and the boy's face was overtaken by a grin. They held hands for 4 stops. A woman got on at 42nd Street and insisted on taking a photo of Ferris grabbing my face and earrings. The New Yorker in me hesitated about handing over my phone, but the Midwesterner in me won out.

Cheating here, because he doesn't have one. He does have a nice stroller and a good suck on a Mustang.

As I was (sort of) saying, Ferris gets around, most recently for a short trip to Minnesota. He has the good fortune of having people flock to him, ready to love, play, and laugh. We couldn't ask for more.

And back in New York, Central Park was just springy enough for me to capture his infectious smile and grass-waving ability. Sometimes he interacts with such understanding that I think he's so brilliant and surely he'll win a Nobel Peace Prize. Then, out of the blue, he starts sucking on my shoulder with such ferocity that I'm momentarily forced to reconsider.
Don't you love the onesie? We also have the Mario yellow star and red mushroom, but I never manage to get a photo.

They need a new word for happy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

9 months and new running shoes

We've just had two birthdays! Ferris is 9 months old.

At this point, you can't even distinguish which shots are the outtakes, can you?!

Here is what 30 looks like. Happy birthday to Nick! We celebrated at Del Posto, a fancy Italian restaurant owned by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. Unfortunately, we didn't bump into Joe, who is the best judge on Master Chef. We started watching the show when Ferris was super wee, you can even hear it on in most of the little videos we took back then!

And here is what 9 months old looks like. Goofy and curious and unskilled at putting puffs into his mouth.
Ferris has a thing for highwaters, or his mama has trouble moving on!
 I used to wonder why seemingly normal people are always sprinting around New York City. Since going back to work after Ferris was born, my only workouts have been occasional jogs from my office to the daycare for a quick lunchtime hello. These are my running shoes. Therein lies the problem. We have some big events coming up soon, most notably Ferris's kidney surgery. So I decided to take a couple of months off from working instead of running myself, and my ballet flats, ragged. When I last had maternity leave, Ferris had just started grabbing his feet.

Today we went to the park, met a friend, read books, played on the floor together. Ferris went in a swing set for the first time, and tentatively smiled and giggled before preferring to suck on the front of the swing. He crawled toward the kitchen, as he always does. He pants with happiness, and his eyes gleam as he rounds the corner and sees the dog and cat dishes just ahead. Today I didn't stop him; I let him splash and kick the water dish until his clothes and the floor were soaked.