Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good news!

April has been kind to us. Warm sun, crisp breezes, afternoons spent lounging in fresh grass, even a pizza tour to Coney Island.

It's been a year since we learned that Zoltar had one wonked kidney and transformed my relaxed pregnancy into one of constant worry. And right after his birth, we found out there is some bonus wonk in the other kidney! For the past few months, we've had a surgery date on the calendar, looming before us. I started to view it as the price we have to pay for having such an awesome baby. Today we encountered another unplanned turn of events: we went to his specialist and she told us everything seems to be doing better, and cancelled the surgery!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

There's a party in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it....

Oh man. I really really really need to organize the photos I've taken of this boy. And in doing so, I came across some old gems. I had the far-fetched and subsequently discarded idea of an illusion that would look like a baby torso with grown up legs. This is the best I can do.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dios Mio, Ferris Theo!

Here we are once again! Ferris is 10 months old, and his constant "thumb hook" reminds me of James Dean strutting around with a cigarette.

And of course the best photos manage to neglect the poor bear.

Ferris's latest party tricks include cruising! He's quite practical, and won't waste his energy on this unless he really needs something. Otherwise, he is content to crawl everywhere, and we're in no particular rush to encourage walking.

To recap month 10, Ferris.... met his first CEO (Mickey Drexler), attended his first college class (advertising), pulled pictures off the wall each morning, went faux furniture shopping, had an MRI under general anesthesia and woke up cheerfully, visited the Guggenheim and saw 3 Picassos, spent his first night away from his mama while she went on a bender, and welcomed his first spring in New York City.