Friday, August 31, 2012

In the interest of updating...

Can't believe these two will survive without me for a short while. Or that I will survive without them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who's on first?

Nearly 3 months to cover, but it all can be covered by a pretty simple theme! It's all new! New house, new car, new jobs, new habits, new tricks.

FIRST HOUSE!! We moved from NYC directly to a hotel until closing, a little reminiscent of our last big move. But hey, at least we had jobs lined up this time! I had to decide whether to buy this house without Nick getting to actually see it, which was obviously a little nuts, but avoided having to move into an apartment and blah blah blah all over again. It worked out so well! The location is perfect, and our new neighbor mowed our lawn for us the day we moved in. Score! I thought that 2 months in to home ownership, pictures would be hung and everything would be ticked and tied. Welp, I was wrong about that. Between work and play and grilling (!), it just takes awhile to get everything pulled together. But we're getting there! It's fun to start completely anew, and fill a blank slate with the ideas that have been floating in my head. Less fun to paint every room, some of them twice.

FIRST CRIB, and so many visitors who are happy we moved close!

FIRST PLAYROOM! Ferris's and Newman's watchpoint.

Just being adorbs.

As far as demanding and hand waving goes, he's really ramping things up. Our sweet baby boy now collapses into tears if his mama leaves or he sees a phone (which we rarely let him touch.)
Should we assume he's actually reading the back of the cereal box?

OH, and Ferris's FIRST FAIR! Just like his mama, he was pretty nonplussed.
Let's be honest, the fair is kinda lame.

But sunglasses are not lame.

And in case you don't already know, FIRST STEPS! Ferris started walking about a month and a half ago (13 months old) and went from tentative steps to zooming around. Inexplicably, he recently started spinning around in slow circles until he's too dizzy to stand.

A video of Ferris walking, a little bit ditzy from Tylenol

As you can see, we've been busy.