Sunday, September 23, 2012

Broads abroad

I recently got back from a solo (sans Nick and Ferris) trip to London and Dublin. My cousin Chloe had an internship in London, so a few of us decided to keep her company during her last week. Prior to this trip I had only been away from Ferris two times - one night in a hotel to get some sleep, and one time finding our house in Minneapolis. Is it strange that a week of uninterrupted sleep was a huge draw for this trip?

I've never been a huge fan of London. I can't put my finger on why, but this about sums it up:
Taken in our hotel, the clusterF that is London.

But of course I had fun anyways!
London Eye, and taking comedic advantage of a broken table

We spent some time doing some touristy things like the London Eye and the nearby swings. But a lot of our time was spent just wandering around Tate Modern, finding Banksy's artwork, and falling madly in love with Liberty of London.

After a few days in London, Carrissa, Chloe and I took a cheap flight to Dublin. I absolutely loved it, and envisioned Ferris attending Trinity College someday. The people were kind, friendly, and quick-witted. It's the kind of place where you ask for sauce on the side and somebody replies, "the right or the left?"

First stop (urm, really, first thing we did!) was tour the Guinness brewery. Yada, yada, hops and water from the river Liffey, and a beer on the seventh floor with a panoramic view of Dublin.

While Carrissa stayed in Dublin to do her thang, Chloe and I took a day tour through Wicklow, the Irish countryside just south of Dublin. Our bus driver served us a shot of Jameson within the first hour. Hooray for getting drunk before noon! Maybe it's no coincidence that my favorite places have this in common?

Not to mention the incredible views.