Sunday, June 30, 2013

Signs of summer

Another year flew by! We've had a whole year of being in our house, a whole year of walking, I guess life just seems to move faster when you get old.... one of those sayings I used to laugh at.

And if you stuck around till the end of the video, you notice Chloe teaches him all the fun things that the kids are saying these days.... most recently, "comin' in hot!" Friday around lunchtime, Ferris had to go home with a 104 fever, got cleared in the doctor's office, and wound up in the ER when it climbed to 105.6. I was afraid he would turn to dust in front of my eyes, but after 2 nonstop days of Motrin and Tylenol, he seems to be ok.

Homeboy got a wagon for his birthday and has been pretty obsessed. Last week, we went on a little walk to get flowers. I'm still undecided on the idea of gardening, I don't know if I have the patience to figure out which flowers need what fertilizer, and how to get rid of the squirrels that dig up all of our hard work!

Last year he was just learning to walk, and would sit down if you let go of his hands. Now he drags the scale (your guess is as good as mine) into the living room to launch himself off of.

Sorry for the choppy writing, Haircut has had a rough weekend and needs to grab a beer and organize her closet for the upcoming casual dresscode at work.

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