Monday, July 8, 2013

Yuv is the best kind of love

The other night, Ferris said, "Yuv you, mama." when I walked out of his room. His words are the most glorious words. For the holiday, Ferris got to play with his cousin Zoey. He misses her, and stands on his tiptoes at the window to wait for her. These two feisty personalities were both scared of the fireworks. He still talks about it, in his Ferris is 2 way, which leaves you to connect the dots.

"Boom. Colors, blue, green, sky. Scared."

It's a similar exercise when you ask him about his day and his archnemesis, Ben. 
"Ben. Hitted. Ground. Nose. Fay-wiss."
"Ben hit you?"
"No, Fay-wiss."
"Ferris hit Ben?"
"Yea!" (smiling)

Or when we ask about his friend, Ries, whom he visited in New York.
"Do you remember Ries?"
"Dancing! Cookies! Water!"
Which is pretty incredible accuracy, since they did dance in the middle of a coffee shop, eating cookies, and spilling water everywhere.

Or when you're changing his diaper; Nick recounted this doozy:
Nick: "Ouch, you kicked me!"
Ferris: (sinister smile)
Nick: "You kicked me in the balls, that hurts."
Ferris: "No, that funny!"

Indeed it is.

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