Friday, August 2, 2013

About town

Every time I'm inclined to sit inside, I remind myself of how cold it was (like, last month?!), and will soon be. A small incentive to overcome my laziness. We're trying to make an effort to go on neighborhood walks and sit on the deck with white wine and ineffective Off candles. So one night, I headed out with my camera while Ferris slept and went to an outdoor exhibit at the Walker. They set up little stations full of digital fireflies. You could rub the little station and it would make fireflies move across the top of the Target HQ (blocks away!) Pretty cool! (The bright blue part of the building is where viewers "controlled" the fireflies. )

As for Ferris, he has two main obsessions right now. 

1) Big crane. There's a crane near his daycare, so each morning we hear him chirp, "big crane moving!" And each evening, we hear his concern that, "big crane broken!" And he always asks to touch it. His sense of possibility melts my heart. 

2) Driving up front. Before we pull in the garage, we put Ferris on Nick's lap and have the routine - seatbelt! Turn on the air (hairs blow in the wind.) Turn up the radio! Turn on the windshield wipers (Ferris's favorite.) Then Ferris steers into the garage. At some point, this could develop into a bad habit, but for now, it makes us all happy.