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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Sling Diaries: Connection

Tonight I’m flying back to New York for the first time since we moved here. Although I’ll visit some of my favorite places, it won’t be the same, because it’s no longer home. I long to bring Ferris with me, to see if he flickers with recognition when the subway rumbles or when he sees his baby handprints on the wall of his old daycare. But for this short birthday trip, I long to sleep past 5 am even more.

Priorities aren’t as simple anymore.

Just about every neighborhood in the city has been marked with memories of his babyhood; how sad I will be when I see these places without him. We’d planned to stay in New York until private school tuition forced our hand, but to my surprise, I wanted Ferris to have roots and have a connection with our friends and families. The importance of making these lifetime connections outweighed all that we left behind.

But nobody said letting go would be easy. I especially miss our commute together on the subway and the unexpected interactions Ferris inspired in New Yorkers. I loved bringing him along on my daily routines, as they slowly became our daily routines. Every mundane errand became a fun adventure when I had Ferris with me. These days we ride in the car as a family and listen to music on our way to work. But, oh, the damned car seat. It's only inches away, but it feels like miles to me. 

When I take any excuse to bring the sling, he snuggles, giggles, bites (molars!), puts his hand down my shirt, asks for crackers, or "down down" complete with finger gestures. Our New York Ferris wasn't so spunky. As he develops, so do our connections to this place. To space, to impromptu family gatherings, to the entourage that joined us for his first haircut, to the people who will share these fond times with us.

Ferris and I share the Sakura Bloom Essential Linen Sling in Driftwood/Mint

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who's on first?

Nearly 3 months to cover, but it all can be covered by a pretty simple theme! It's all new! New house, new car, new jobs, new habits, new tricks.

FIRST HOUSE!! We moved from NYC directly to a hotel until closing, a little reminiscent of our last big move. But hey, at least we had jobs lined up this time! I had to decide whether to buy this house without Nick getting to actually see it, which was obviously a little nuts, but avoided having to move into an apartment and blah blah blah all over again. It worked out so well! The location is perfect, and our new neighbor mowed our lawn for us the day we moved in. Score! I thought that 2 months in to home ownership, pictures would be hung and everything would be ticked and tied. Welp, I was wrong about that. Between work and play and grilling (!), it just takes awhile to get everything pulled together. But we're getting there! It's fun to start completely anew, and fill a blank slate with the ideas that have been floating in my head. Less fun to paint every room, some of them twice.

FIRST CRIB, and so many visitors who are happy we moved close!

FIRST PLAYROOM! Ferris's and Newman's watchpoint.

Just being adorbs.

As far as demanding and hand waving goes, he's really ramping things up. Our sweet baby boy now collapses into tears if his mama leaves or he sees a phone (which we rarely let him touch.)
Should we assume he's actually reading the back of the cereal box?

OH, and Ferris's FIRST FAIR! Just like his mama, he was pretty nonplussed.
Let's be honest, the fair is kinda lame.

But sunglasses are not lame.

And in case you don't already know, FIRST STEPS! Ferris started walking about a month and a half ago (13 months old) and went from tentative steps to zooming around. Inexplicably, he recently started spinning around in slow circles until he's too dizzy to stand.

A video of Ferris walking, a little bit ditzy from Tylenol

As you can see, we've been busy.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ferris Theo's Day in Midtown

Well, I guess it's time to make it blog-fficial!
We're moving to Minneapolis! Yes! No! I was feeling a little angst-y about it, until I had lunch next to Jerry Seinfeld the other day. Since then I've been fine with it. I guess I did what I came here to do! Before we move, we're heading out for a nice road trip along the east coast to rack up some more states! We tend to have a really luxurious history of unemployment.

Here is a sweet little NY book I made for Ferris, one to play with and one to save and one digital version for the blog. :) If you don't know, there is a board book called Good Night New York City, and this is the exact layout and text, just replaced with photos from our wonderful time here. (And another book I made; I'm getting a bit obsessed with these, and I love that I can show off an online copy as well.)

Links if your flash player is finicky.
Good Night New York City
Just One Ferris

Today I had an early appointment in a super inconvenient location. I was a wee bit annoyed, until I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to walk 40+ blocks and say good-bye to all the New Yorky things in Midtown. So here we are! Enjoying a perfect, spontaneous, New York day. As we walked up Fifth Avenue, I did the unthinkable: I looked up and gazed at the majestic buildings like a tourist.

Radio City Music Hall, (napping in) Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building, Willa Cather quote on the sidewalk leading up to the library "... there are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before..." (such a beautiful sidewalk filled with quotes!), humongous diamonds at Harry Winston, The Plaza Hotel, FAO Schwartz- hats and stuffed animals and $500 rocking animals that were a little bit scary (more parentheses, there was even a freaking unicorn!!), and the infamous piano.

Here is a nice vertigo inducing video of Ferris on the $250,000 Big piano! Our little underweight baby wasn't heavy enough to set off the keys so I tried to walk beside him and make it interesting!