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Friday, June 1, 2012

Good bye New York, Hello Birthday!

Welp, the title says it all.....

Good-bye New York! We spent our last couple days in a beautiful hotel with an amazing rooftop. I was also a victim of grand larceny - somebody in our building stole my camera so I had to run around filing police reports and replacing my gear! - but in the grand scheme of things, we made it out unscathed.

And our boy. One year old today. 

It flew by in a minute, didn't it! I took a picture almost every day. (An ad might hover over the bottom, just click the top right "x" to close it so you can see all the good stuff!)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ferris Theo's Day in Midtown

Well, I guess it's time to make it blog-fficial!
We're moving to Minneapolis! Yes! No! I was feeling a little angst-y about it, until I had lunch next to Jerry Seinfeld the other day. Since then I've been fine with it. I guess I did what I came here to do! Before we move, we're heading out for a nice road trip along the east coast to rack up some more states! We tend to have a really luxurious history of unemployment.

Here is a sweet little NY book I made for Ferris, one to play with and one to save and one digital version for the blog. :) If you don't know, there is a board book called Good Night New York City, and this is the exact layout and text, just replaced with photos from our wonderful time here. (And another book I made; I'm getting a bit obsessed with these, and I love that I can show off an online copy as well.)

Links if your flash player is finicky.
Good Night New York City
Just One Ferris

Today I had an early appointment in a super inconvenient location. I was a wee bit annoyed, until I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to walk 40+ blocks and say good-bye to all the New Yorky things in Midtown. So here we are! Enjoying a perfect, spontaneous, New York day. As we walked up Fifth Avenue, I did the unthinkable: I looked up and gazed at the majestic buildings like a tourist.

Radio City Music Hall, (napping in) Grand Central Station, Chrysler Building, Willa Cather quote on the sidewalk leading up to the library "... there are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before..." (such a beautiful sidewalk filled with quotes!), humongous diamonds at Harry Winston, The Plaza Hotel, FAO Schwartz- hats and stuffed animals and $500 rocking animals that were a little bit scary (more parentheses, there was even a freaking unicorn!!), and the infamous piano.

Here is a nice vertigo inducing video of Ferris on the $250,000 Big piano! Our little underweight baby wasn't heavy enough to set off the keys so I tried to walk beside him and make it interesting!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The third annual visitors edition

Oh wowza. Ferris is 11 months old, and today is the last time we can truly celebrate his monthiness. There seems to be a grace period until "he's 24 months" but I know the truth. He (finally!) has 2 little tooth buds, is obsessed with opening and closing everything, and just discovered the joy of clapping.

Nick just discovered the joy of driving a Lamborghini. A belated execution of a birthday gift from me, the whole fam drove out to Jersey, yes, Jersey! where you can drive these around a track.

My grandma, who performs magic. She sews, cleans, and can make Ferris fall asleep just by sitting next to him. Today he debuted his latest fashion for Tuxedo Tuesday!

And Deena and 2 month old Yvey, who bravely traveled from Iowa for some girl bonding time. Most of our activity involved food acquisition, but we also fit in a visit to Times Square, and the WTC memorial. Deena's friend also gave us a backstage tour of Ghost on Broadway! Behind Ferris, you can see the darker tree that doesn't fit in - that is the survivor tree, which was found in the rubble of 9/11. Deena and I were college roommates that fall.

And my joy was taking my favorite photo evereverever, of anything. Deena and Yvey were walking with us past the Imagine memorial for John Lennon, which is almost always flooded with tourists and harsh lighting. The unplanned moments are the best.

Bonus favorite.

And if you need proof of the clapping.... or just want a dose of pure joy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dios Mio, Ferris Theo!

Here we are once again! Ferris is 10 months old, and his constant "thumb hook" reminds me of James Dean strutting around with a cigarette.

And of course the best photos manage to neglect the poor bear.

Ferris's latest party tricks include cruising! He's quite practical, and won't waste his energy on this unless he really needs something. Otherwise, he is content to crawl everywhere, and we're in no particular rush to encourage walking.

To recap month 10, Ferris.... met his first CEO (Mickey Drexler), attended his first college class (advertising), pulled pictures off the wall each morning, went faux furniture shopping, had an MRI under general anesthesia and woke up cheerfully, visited the Guggenheim and saw 3 Picassos, spent his first night away from his mama while she went on a bender, and welcomed his first spring in New York City.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Like Steve Martin, without the dryness.

In the sense of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

Airplane ride #8 successfully under his nearly 10 month old belt! Playing with his flight accessories...

This was taken during my last month of commuting. For six months, Ferris and I sat just like this twice a day. I loved it. I loved it when he fell asleep, I loved it when he stared down strangers until they looked back at him, I loved looking up to see a car-full of people gazing at Ferris, I loved it when he reached out to hold a gangsta looking teenage boy's hand and the boy's face was overtaken by a grin. They held hands for 4 stops. A woman got on at 42nd Street and insisted on taking a photo of Ferris grabbing my face and earrings. The New Yorker in me hesitated about handing over my phone, but the Midwesterner in me won out.

Cheating here, because he doesn't have one. He does have a nice stroller and a good suck on a Mustang.

As I was (sort of) saying, Ferris gets around, most recently for a short trip to Minnesota. He has the good fortune of having people flock to him, ready to love, play, and laugh. We couldn't ask for more.

And back in New York, Central Park was just springy enough for me to capture his infectious smile and grass-waving ability. Sometimes he interacts with such understanding that I think he's so brilliant and surely he'll win a Nobel Peace Prize. Then, out of the blue, he starts sucking on my shoulder with such ferocity that I'm momentarily forced to reconsider.
Don't you love the onesie? We also have the Mario yellow star and red mushroom, but I never manage to get a photo.

They need a new word for happy.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Every day, I bundle Ferris up in a baby carrier, and we head into the subway, where Ferris alternates between flirting and sleeping. When we exit, we pass restaurants, bars, stores, banks, fantasy shops. Taxis pass us; we pass old women who carry small dogs the way I carry Ferris. How old is your baby? How old is your dog? Oh really, she can cross the street by herself? Ferris can't do that yet.

And some videos, since simply describing Ferris and his good humor would be cheating you.

Naptime, not going so well.

Ferris absolutely adores his daddy. Nick just has to walk into the room to get him smiling and laughing.

As for me, I need to work for my baby giggles.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That point is now.

We took the 7 month picture on time, so half credit for us! At some point, I just have to admit the blog is now 90% pictures of Ferris, 10% Nick and Erica doing interesting stuff. That point is now. So, here is the fam tooling around New York. We don't go to Times Square often- when we finally did, I had to get some pictures! Ferris seemed enamored with all the lights. Then again, 7 month olds are enamored by everything, aren't they? 30 year olds, not so much.

Remember the good ol' days, when we took a nice photo with 3 people looking at the camera?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

They're real, and they're fantastic!

If you don't get that quote, go watch more Seinfeld! I'm asked all the time about Ferris's hair, the best question being, "Does his hair just grow like that?" Yes, it sure does, with no hair gel or Rogaine.

Not to mention these lashes.....

Not a real update, but we'll see many of you soon!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweetheart, excitement for me is dinner without getting heartburn after.

We had some big birthdays! Ferris turned 6 months old and I turned 30. Can you believe he's already been alive 1.67% of the time that I've been alive?! Crazy!

Nick spoiled me with tickets to the opera AND tickets to see Woody Allen play jazz clarinet. If you haven't seen Woody Allen since the Diane Keaton days, check out Scoop, which is one of my favorites.

La Boheme at Lincoln Center
Woody Allen at The Carlyle Hotel

Oh, and guess who's crawling!.... And getting rick roll'd!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blending in with the tourists

To quote Anne Hathaway, "Mellow doesn't make for a good story, but it makes for a good life." Did I just quote Anne Hathaway? Ridiculous, but true! Nick's mom came to visit for Thanksgiving and we did two touristy things: viewed the September 11 Memorial and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day festivities.
South Tower Memorial and new construction
How strange to be "tourists" at a site like this. Where people once went to work in the morning, ate an ordinary yogurt, complained about a coworker, made evening plans, not realizing there would be no more breakfast or self-expression or evenings. The most accurate perspective on our lives is probably the one that would be the most difficult to live with. Or maybe that's just fear of a new parent talking. Nobody warned me that the overwhelming love would be matched by overwhelming worry and an overactive imagination.

There is so much to be thankful for every day, even and especially the mellow days. The days of baby feet, baby hawks, extended fall, lame parade floats (Ferris's opinion), peanut butter pie, and an ass shot of Santa. And I'm out with "ass shot of Santa."

Our happy boy, who laughs whenever Nick walks in a room. We think it's the beard. (Seriously! He laughs at beards on the subway too!)

And Thanksgiving dinner for F. To summarize: get this shizzle OUT MAH FACE!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Unlamed, if not untamed

What did you do this weekend? Oh, you know, went to stunt school and jumped off a 30 ft rig. We headed all the way to a semi sketchy area of Brooklyn for this outing, and pushed little Ferris past graffiti, barbed wire, and a warehouse that advertised its expertise at live chicken slaughter.

Nick has always been the 'fraidy cat when it comes to things like this, so I jumped while he stayed with Ferris. The class started out learning the proper technique on low practice mats. Some people had to go 10+ times, but after my very first jump, the instructor said, "Uuuum, you're good at this." Gymnastics pays off again! For a moment, I imagined quitting my job to train at stunt school and make my way to Hollywood and become a stunt double for famous actresses and live in a Bel Air mansion just like MASH RAP told me I would. But let's be honest, Brooklyn is just soooo faaar to go on regular basis. So I stopped imagining and started jumping. Maybe it's my age, or maybe it's motherhood, but the adrenaline rush that used to be so exciting was a little scary.

The mat is about 10 ft high, and the class is jumping from 20 ft above it (30 ft off the ground.)
So here's how to free fall for those of you who want to practice on your bed. Spotter yells, "all clear!" You yell, "falling!" Then you jump and kick your feet out so you're lying horizontally and follow 2 rules: 1) always land on your back 2) land flat to spread the impact over the greatest possible surface area (ie don't tuck your head in like most people will do instinctively) Let me show you how it's done.

Ferris slept through it all and woke up just in time to express his rabid love for moose while we ate waffle sandwiches (yum!) And now, back in safe old Manhattan, Nick is making dinner and I'm back to being lame.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who ordered the dolphin?

 The first time I took Ferris out of our little neighborhood bubble, I was terrified. That day, I finally put my finger on exactly why I've always loved New York: it offers constant and relentless distraction. What's that noise, that smell? How much is that bag? Is that guy peeing? Once tasked with Keeping Ferris Alive in the face of the busyness, I felt overwhelmed by New York for the first time. But through some combination of Ferris's growth, my experience commuting with him in a carrier, and Nick's assistance carrying the stroller up and down the subway stairs, we've been spending our weekends exploring different parts of the city together. I wonder how much of his personality is already shaped by living here, what skills of observation and curiosity have been fostered by his exposure to the city and its people. This was the best possible place to have a little one. 

Look what we found!

Grand Piano in Washington Square Park

This street jazz band made us feel like we were characters in a Woody Allen movie!

Ventriloquist in Washington Square Park, mama/baby ponchos, Chelsea Highline

The Bronx Zoo

Oh, and this is happening.
Don't worry, my pops was standing by to catch me!
He's becoming so opinionated and confident! I don't know how it's possible for a baby to have such confidence, but he knows what he wants and is undeterred by any attempts to direct his attention. On the subway, he cranes his neck at the most awkward of angles (remember Reagan from The Exorcist?) to stare at his person of choice.

Commuting with a baby on the subway is a follow up to "Who gives up a seat for a pregnant lady on the subway?" Far more people offer a seat for a woman with an outside baby, and the demographic of people who offer is much less predictable. Interestingly enough, the timing makes a big difference. If I leave too early in the morning, I run into school kids who rarely offer a seat. If I leave too late after work, I get a train full of the most blatantly rude people, always anchored by some bitter old hag grumbling about how she can't believe people bring babies on the subway. But most of the time, I encounter smiling people (both men and woman) making goofy faces at Ferris (and melting when he smiles back) or staring while he sleeps on my chest.

If you're reading this post wondering what it has to do with dolphins, your patience will pay off! There are so many great ways to answer the question, "Who ordered the dolphin?!"

And just because.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Middle of month 2 (already!?)

Well, it seems as though Ferris has quickly transformed from a newborn into a full fledged baby. And we've transformed into parents, although it's still too new to "automatically" think of ourselves as such. For my part, this has been accompanied by overwhelming pangs of nostalgia. Every moment feels so big and each happy day feels bittersweet.

Extra Bittersweet = Newman tried to commit suicide and jump out the window when I took this picture!

We are left with the option of staying in our small apartment or hanging out in the backyard. Luckily, we have a pretty badass backyard!




I love seeing Nick and Ferris together for a million reasons. I hold F all the time, so of course it's nice to give my shoulders a break. But it's also funny how Ferris seems to shrink when I hand him over to Nick. I get used to the size of his face, but when Nick is holding him he suddenly appears to be so tiny and fragile and extra adorable. Nick comes up with all sorts of little games for him or funny things to say.

The how long till baby falls over game

The sticking tongues out game

Also, when Nick holds him, I can see his tufts of hair in the back. I call his hair "heaven on a stick." The back is so thick and soft and wispy. I smell it and rub my face in it and form it into little mohawk peaks. As  you can see, the transition from bald to hairy is this random triangle shape in the middle of his noggin.


I usually just give lots of kisses and say, "hi, hi, hello" like I (apparently) did when he was born. Ferris has so much fun with Nick, and so much fun being alive in general. Every day I learn a little more about life by watching Ferris discover his.


And now, a word from Ferris. (Yes, little babbles that just started popping up every once in awhile- he really gets goin about a minute in!)