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Friday, June 1, 2012

Good bye New York, Hello Birthday!

Welp, the title says it all.....

Good-bye New York! We spent our last couple days in a beautiful hotel with an amazing rooftop. I was also a victim of grand larceny - somebody in our building stole my camera so I had to run around filing police reports and replacing my gear! - but in the grand scheme of things, we made it out unscathed.

And our boy. One year old today. 

It flew by in a minute, didn't it! I took a picture almost every day. (An ad might hover over the bottom, just click the top right "x" to close it so you can see all the good stuff!)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The third annual visitors edition

Oh wowza. Ferris is 11 months old, and today is the last time we can truly celebrate his monthiness. There seems to be a grace period until "he's 24 months" but I know the truth. He (finally!) has 2 little tooth buds, is obsessed with opening and closing everything, and just discovered the joy of clapping.

Nick just discovered the joy of driving a Lamborghini. A belated execution of a birthday gift from me, the whole fam drove out to Jersey, yes, Jersey! where you can drive these around a track.

My grandma, who performs magic. She sews, cleans, and can make Ferris fall asleep just by sitting next to him. Today he debuted his latest fashion for Tuxedo Tuesday!

And Deena and 2 month old Yvey, who bravely traveled from Iowa for some girl bonding time. Most of our activity involved food acquisition, but we also fit in a visit to Times Square, and the WTC memorial. Deena's friend also gave us a backstage tour of Ghost on Broadway! Behind Ferris, you can see the darker tree that doesn't fit in - that is the survivor tree, which was found in the rubble of 9/11. Deena and I were college roommates that fall.

And my joy was taking my favorite photo evereverever, of anything. Deena and Yvey were walking with us past the Imagine memorial for John Lennon, which is almost always flooded with tourists and harsh lighting. The unplanned moments are the best.

Bonus favorite.

And if you need proof of the clapping.... or just want a dose of pure joy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dios Mio, Ferris Theo!

Here we are once again! Ferris is 10 months old, and his constant "thumb hook" reminds me of James Dean strutting around with a cigarette.

And of course the best photos manage to neglect the poor bear.

Ferris's latest party tricks include cruising! He's quite practical, and won't waste his energy on this unless he really needs something. Otherwise, he is content to crawl everywhere, and we're in no particular rush to encourage walking.

To recap month 10, Ferris.... met his first CEO (Mickey Drexler), attended his first college class (advertising), pulled pictures off the wall each morning, went faux furniture shopping, had an MRI under general anesthesia and woke up cheerfully, visited the Guggenheim and saw 3 Picassos, spent his first night away from his mama while she went on a bender, and welcomed his first spring in New York City.

Monday, March 5, 2012

9 months and new running shoes

We've just had two birthdays! Ferris is 9 months old.

At this point, you can't even distinguish which shots are the outtakes, can you?!

Here is what 30 looks like. Happy birthday to Nick! We celebrated at Del Posto, a fancy Italian restaurant owned by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. Unfortunately, we didn't bump into Joe, who is the best judge on Master Chef. We started watching the show when Ferris was super wee, you can even hear it on in most of the little videos we took back then!

And here is what 9 months old looks like. Goofy and curious and unskilled at putting puffs into his mouth.
Ferris has a thing for highwaters, or his mama has trouble moving on!
 I used to wonder why seemingly normal people are always sprinting around New York City. Since going back to work after Ferris was born, my only workouts have been occasional jogs from my office to the daycare for a quick lunchtime hello. These are my running shoes. Therein lies the problem. We have some big events coming up soon, most notably Ferris's kidney surgery. So I decided to take a couple of months off from working instead of running myself, and my ballet flats, ragged. When I last had maternity leave, Ferris had just started grabbing his feet.

Today we went to the park, met a friend, read books, played on the floor together. Ferris went in a swing set for the first time, and tentatively smiled and giggled before preferring to suck on the front of the swing. He crawled toward the kitchen, as he always does. He pants with happiness, and his eyes gleam as he rounds the corner and sees the dog and cat dishes just ahead. Today I didn't stop him; I let him splash and kick the water dish until his clothes and the floor were soaked.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

8 months!

Happy 8 months to Ferris! And Happy Superbowl to the New York Giants!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That point is now.

We took the 7 month picture on time, so half credit for us! At some point, I just have to admit the blog is now 90% pictures of Ferris, 10% Nick and Erica doing interesting stuff. That point is now. So, here is the fam tooling around New York. We don't go to Times Square often- when we finally did, I had to get some pictures! Ferris seemed enamored with all the lights. Then again, 7 month olds are enamored by everything, aren't they? 30 year olds, not so much.

Remember the good ol' days, when we took a nice photo with 3 people looking at the camera?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sweetheart, excitement for me is dinner without getting heartburn after.

We had some big birthdays! Ferris turned 6 months old and I turned 30. Can you believe he's already been alive 1.67% of the time that I've been alive?! Crazy!

Nick spoiled me with tickets to the opera AND tickets to see Woody Allen play jazz clarinet. If you haven't seen Woody Allen since the Diane Keaton days, check out Scoop, which is one of my favorites.

La Boheme at Lincoln Center
Woody Allen at The Carlyle Hotel

Oh, and guess who's crawling!.... And getting rick roll'd!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Five months

Just when we thought he couldn't get...

...he did.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Four months!

Skinny baby, tired mom, trooper dad
Being a mom is hard. Being a working mom is hard. Being a working mom with an exclusively breastfed baby is really really really really really really really hard. None of it could happen without Nick, who washes the bottles, fills endless glasses of water, cleans the house, packs the lunches, walks the dog, basically does everything! Maybe one day we can pretend we're a developed nation and offer more than 12 weeks of maternity leave. But until then, I'm exhausted to the point of slurring my words since homeboy is still getting up twice each night. Fun fact: I haven't slept through the night in a year! Don't get me wrong, these are not complaints. Trying to fit two awesome lives into one is a nice problem to have. Luckily, I still make time for pictures. (Which is about all you're going to get out of me until further notice!)

Hey, ladies

The teachers and the parents at the daycare gush over Ferris, how happy he is, how he's always smiling, how he's always flirting, how he never cries. Tuesdays are the best and the worst for me, because of Tuxedo Tuesday. We bought his Tux onesie for the wedding, but why let it go to waste? He's going to wear it every Tuesday until he grows out of it!

Everybody loves Tuxedo Tuesdays!
Ferris is still obsessed with his hands. Our little bulimic baby sucks on his fingers after every meal until he spits up. We try to keep him busy, "HEY, what an interesting moose for you to play with! Ferris, look at your gee-raffe! Ferris, get the hannies out of the mouth! Ferris, keep the milk inside the body!" Our efforts are in vain, as you can see.

It's my hanny and I'll suck if I want to
A bonus video from our Labor Day trip to Boston! (Yes, we went to Boston, sorry, no time to write about that!)

F misses our daily walks and lights up when I put him in the stroller. He gets to go out every day in a quad stroller, but no more wandering through Central Park every day for hours upon hours. (P.S. 4 babies in a quad stroller is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!)

Friday, September 2, 2011

New York boy meets the Midwest

Here we are at 3 months old! It's all about the hands. Ferris's hands have now explored their way down to his little feet and he spends a lot of time practicing his happy baby pose. He has also started sucking on his two middle fingers, just the way I did as a wee one. How can a baby possibly sleep with such interesting distractions?! At night, he smiles while we tuck his arms in the swaddle and say "Good night, hanny! Good night, other hanny!" The word "hanny" has somehow become the most endearing word I know.
While setting up the camera, slight malfunction of the baby!
Ferris's other obsession is trees. For those skeptics who don't know Manhattan (dad!), YES, we have trees here! He peers up and his eyebrows crunch with curiosity as he examines tree after tree. It's so amazing to think that one day his brain will fill with complex thoughts that run the range of human experience, but for now, it's simply, "TREE! TREE! TREE!"



Ferris recently added 2 additional states to his list when we went to the midwest to show him off and attend a wedding. We have had excellent timing, since we missed the huge snowstorm last year and Hurricane Irene this year. On top of it, a well-timed yawn!

While in Iowa, we visited Nick's 89 year old grandpa and were able to capture 4 generations of Caligiuri men together.

Ferris also met his little big cousin Zoey! Here is an updated version of this double belly shot at 8 months and 4 months pregnant!

Our little family at the wedding.

It wouldn't be Iowa without the barn reststop! You'll notice that Ferris always finds it impossible to look toward the camera while I'm holding him.

There is only one man who can possibly describe how it feels to be smothered in so many hugs and kisses in such a short time. That man, of course, is Ludacris.

 Tuesday was my first day back at work and yesterday was his first day at "school." As you can see, he's ready for our daily commute together with his mini MetroCard! And now we move on to a new stage in our lives, one that includes a baby as a part of our "normal" day.