Sunday, June 30, 2013

Signs of summer

Another year flew by! We've had a whole year of being in our house, a whole year of walking, I guess life just seems to move faster when you get old.... one of those sayings I used to laugh at.

And if you stuck around till the end of the video, you notice Chloe teaches him all the fun things that the kids are saying these days.... most recently, "comin' in hot!" Friday around lunchtime, Ferris had to go home with a 104 fever, got cleared in the doctor's office, and wound up in the ER when it climbed to 105.6. I was afraid he would turn to dust in front of my eyes, but after 2 nonstop days of Motrin and Tylenol, he seems to be ok.

Homeboy got a wagon for his birthday and has been pretty obsessed. Last week, we went on a little walk to get flowers. I'm still undecided on the idea of gardening, I don't know if I have the patience to figure out which flowers need what fertilizer, and how to get rid of the squirrels that dig up all of our hard work!

Last year he was just learning to walk, and would sit down if you let go of his hands. Now he drags the scale (your guess is as good as mine) into the living room to launch himself off of.

Sorry for the choppy writing, Haircut has had a rough weekend and needs to grab a beer and organize her closet for the upcoming casual dresscode at work.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

More report cards!

I lied when I said I would keep these in order, so I'm just going to add a trusty little section at the top. Otherwise, November mixed with March mixed with May? How could you possibly cope?

And Batman makes an appearance at last!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My happy birthday party?

Ferris's second birthday morning started out like any other: early. To prepare for the loose theme of "breakfast," we ran around getting balloons, coffee and donuts, while Sue made egg bake. Then people showed up and enjoyed. Pretty simple!

Look but don't touch the donut cake!

Lots of baby friends to play with. It's all fun and games until 3 babies fall in the hot tub.

 Ferris has been in love with balloons lately, so this was the easy part.

And the bubble gun!

He's so person-y, wonderful, and fun. Happy birthday Ferris!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ah York!

It's official: today Ferris turned two! The morning chirps of "my happy birthday cake? my happy birthday party?" will no longer be humored. Ok, maybe we will, since it's just so cute. When he says, "me! me?" he doesn't point to himself exactly.... he flaps his arms like chicken wings. That's how he refers to himself. But more later, I'm just catching up on our New York trip! 

We went back to visit, and I won a bet - Ferris did in fact remember his old daycare friends and teachers, even though he stopped going there spring 2012! People always ask what we intend to do when we visit New York. Have an adventure, what else? We visited with many old friends and met new ones. (And it must be noted that I successfully sewed a pillow for our hosts!) It was so funny to see him slowly walk, and stop over every subway grate. "What dat?" he would repeatedly ask, as the smell of dysentery caressed his cheeks.

The last day was unplanned perfection. We were hanging out at a playground, and a bunch of schoolkids came in for their recess. The girls spent it telling me about their baby brothers and chasing Ferris around. They held his mini taxi, helped him down the slide, cooed at and adored him. Then I went to a gymnastics class, where complete strangers clapped when I landed my first front tuck in a number of (10?) years. I don't want to move back to New York, I want to vacation there indefinitely and attend Wednesday afternoon gymnastics classes.

"Are you coming back next week?"
"No, I'm an out of towner now."

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The new no.

He's almost two! The birthday feels appropriate. I've become comfortable with the idea of talking about his age in years and fractions thereof. Somehow this year has felt much more subtle in terms of developments. But recently, his talking has really taken off, and the transparency of his thoughts has shifted how we see him.

We left off last time with the heartbreaking development of "walk away, mama!" "Walk away" is something he now uses any time he wants to express displeasure. What kills is when he often approaches things he shouldn't touch, and when I stop him, he says, "walkawaywalkaway." And I can think of nothing better than, "No, YOU walk away."

"What do you want for dinner, Ferris?"
"No dinner. Walk away." 
"What do you want for dinner, Ferris?"

He certainly has confidence. I try to keep my expectations of him high, and take him out to coffee. He waited in line to pay; it made me so happy to see his patience! This guy was walking out and gushed about how "that's really a cute kid." 

"When's his birthday?"
"In June. He's almost 2."
"So he's a Gemini?"
"Yes. Are you a Gemini?"
"No, but I just knew he was. All my favorite people are Geminis."

Monday, May 13, 2013

My wife!

Despite being almost two, Ferris is still pretty obsessed with me. That is, when he's not saying, "Walk a-WAY, mama!" He will often cling to me, saying, "my mama." And Nick will kiss me and interject, "my wife!" Well, now Ferris is saying, "my wife!" as well. I can't say I mind being smothered with their affections. I had a great Mother's Day; I got a rose bush and planted some flowers with my mom and grandma. I've always been a little afraid of gardening, so I'm jumping into the week quite proud of myself and my newly found domesticity.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Carefoh, mama!

Which photo was taken in February, and which was taken this week? Meh, it doesn't matter. This has been a weary couple weeks of snow and hope and snow and changes at work and wine and friends and swimming lessons and finally (!) feeling like things are sort of coming together with our house, a short 10 months after we moved in. Though we may move right back if there is snow on the ground in May.

 As for Ferris, he's just the cutest he's ever been. Between the two of us, we've been sick constantly; only Nick and the pets have escaped. When he's tired and worn out, you can see glimpses of the tantrums that await us. If we take away an ipad that's playing Elmo, you can literally see him go through the clinical stages of grief.

And at some point, the Easter Bunny came. Whenever I stand on a chair or table to take a photo of Ferris, he stops what he's doing, and warns, "Carefoh, mama! Carefoh! Carefoh, mama!" It is the sweetest thing. He loves to dig through storage bins for his bottles, but he can say, "mama es cute!" He needs me to rock him to sleep, but he peed in his little plastic potty! He insists on me holding him while he drinks milk but he wants to vacuum the couch. He is both baby and boy. 

We have conversations now. 
"What should mama wear today?" "Car jammies!" We're having issues with car jammies, since it's the outfit of choice 24/7.
"Dat mama coffee?" "Dat Faywiss glass?" "Dat mama coffee?" Once he's fully established whcih one is mama's, he grabs it with tiny hands and tilts it until the straw hits my lips.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Toddler Report Cards

Today we picked up the second one that made me want to save these little scraps of paper forever. He's getting to be outrageously cute these days, and I wish the camera could capture the voice, the diction, the expressions that melt me.